Nifty’s Premiere Featured Artist Drop: Marigoldff

The Crystal by Marigoldff

My name is Giusy Amoroso and I’m a digital artist, art director, and co-founder of IOR50 studio. I create worlds, characters, and environments within the endless possibilities of the digital multiverse. I am currently based in Berlin, Germany, and have lived here since 2019. Prior to that, I studied sociology then product design, with an ongoing focus on CGI and VFX design in Roma, Italy. I am originally from Italy, where I was born and raised.

I released my first NFT in March 2021 on Foundation.

MEME, Foundation, Superrare and I’m the co-founder of PolyPixos, NFT character collectible. I released this collection through my own smart contract.

Cosmology, quantum physics, concepts of the multiverse, or space and time fascinate me as they escape our full understanding. Yet they are real entities. My drop features 3 main artworks connected to each other by the theme of space and time and the multiverse.

My educational background has built the ground base for my work as a digital artist. During my bachelor’s in product design, I was introduced to digital sculpting. Furniture and Objects have to be digitized in order to visualize them before the production of prototypes. It was back then, that my interest for digital sculpting sparked.

Artistically it was never enough for me to only design beautiful objects. I was very much fascinated with creating stories and arcs, especially eco-systems of their own. My goal was to create and formulate visually pleasing and hypnotizing surroundings and environments, characters and worlds, that find inspiration and origin in philosophical themes and nature.

You could say that my visual language is defined by the digital transcendence of nature’s biotechnical fractals on a cosmic creational scale.

From an artist’s point of view, I believe that NFTs offer many advantages to artists. Most importantly the fact that they enable artists to become independent from external factors, such as capitalistic mechanisms and workflows. The chance to finally work purely artistically; being unbound from paychecks or demands of clients, which restrict artistic freedom. Through NFTs, digital artists can completely focus on the ideas that they would like to realize. The liberation from the need to sell their creative energy, to other parties who then hold governance over creative processes and ideas, is an ultimate goal.

The huge potential of NFTs to free artists and creators, by granting them economical independence, has been unprecedented to this extent, until now! We are experiencing a reform; due to a new paradigm of royalty structure through NFTs. Thanks to that; I guess that we can expect a substantial change in how artists will work in the future.

Do not fall into the trap of creating art solely and solely with the aim of selling it as soon as possible. Take your time, be patient and the results will come



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